Over the years, I have found drawing, painting and mosaic creation to be precious tools for me as a means of deepening my understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu. As a result, I’ve amassed quite a few pieces, some of which never evolved beyond a doodle, and some that have emerged as pieces I’m quite proud of. I display several of them in my office, and I refer to them often as trusted friends in service to my clients.


When I set out to create this particular painting, I had two goals:

  1. to make a perpetual calendar based on the 12 “Individualized” Body Function Energy in hopes of quickly grasping any particular insights when a client insists on a certain time and date for their appointment, and
  2. to help clients see the power of self-help available by “simply” holding a finger or combination of fingers.

As the painting developed, an astounding insight revealed itself. Working my way around the wheel, I could easily see the Order of Generation. And, inside that wheel, as I traced my finger from depth to depth in the Order of Transformation (3-5-1-2-4-6-3), I also saw that it forms the infinite sign. I then began to see the beautiful symmetry of how the chest, finger, face and toe flows relate to each other, each forming the points of a triangle within the wheel.

An unexpected and deeply personal message also came through as I continued studying the image of the wheel. It had to do with my mother. My mother’s boundaries had been severely violated many times throughout her life. Over time, she hardened her walls around her so that no one could hurt her, but also no one could nurture her. She passed away on May 28, 2011, at 8:30 a.m. It was a Saturday. As I considered her time of death in the context of the wheel in my painting, I saw that 1st Depth (boundaries) had spoken. It was as if my mother was able to leave behind a joyous message as she departed: “I have dropped my boundaries, and I am free at last.”

I offer prints of this painting for sale:

12 X 15: $20.00 + shipping & handling

21 X 26: $45 + shipping & handling

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