Here’s what clients are saying about Leslie and Healing With Jin Shin Jyutsu:

After breaking my arm in a biking accident, not only did the broken bone ache, but all the muscles that attached to it cramped and spasmed painfully. In one session with Leslie, the bone ache lessened and the severe cramping relaxed. It felt as if my arm had heaved a huge sigh of relief and was now ready to really start healing.
Anne Grant, Computer Game Producer


I have brought Leslie challenging health projects, some of which have taken weeks of concerted effort to resolve, and many more that Leslie has brought to harmony and healing in just a few sessions.  Leslie holds herself to the highest ethical standards and is passionate about giving back to her community.   She even empowers her clients to support their own health and well-being through her amazingly in-depth self help classes in Jin Shin Jyutsu!  How many practitioners do you know who are committed to teaching you how to heal yourself?
Mary Burg, Leadership & Personal Development Coach


Thanks, Leslie, for helping me feel so great! The work you did continues to keep me feeling better. Let’s see….last appointment was 7 months ago? I still feel great, but could be time for a little tune up. You are amazing!
Colleen O., Artist


Leslie’s warm demeanor and friendliness made me feel at ease in a new situation. The first couple times, the changes were subtle enough that I had to wonder if it was all in my mind. But the third time I went, I had a terrible ache all down the back of my right leg and into the bottom of my foot. Within a couple hours of the visit, it started feeling better, felt remarkably better by bed time, and was completely gone in the morning. That was two weeks ago, and it hasn’t been back. I also had some amazing things happen with my sinuses. I really appreciate that she gives you “exercises” to do at home to help with problem areas. Leslie obviously cares about her clients and wants to help with their individual problems.
Becky Z., Interior Designer


I was somewhat skeptical when Leslie Demich first briefly told me about Jin Shin Jyutsu, but after two sessions with her, I felt as though my body was truly balanced. My life was in a state of change and since I suffer from fibromyalgia as well, Leslie was able to give me both treatments and information that really have helped me. She carefully explained what each energy point is related to and which points I can work on myself. Leslie puts you at ease immediately and does her gentle treatments in a true atmosphere of comfort. Thanks, Leslie, for bringing Jin Shin Jyutsu to me!
Marnee O., Administrator

Jin Shin Jyutsu is not a substitute for medical care.  If you are currently under medical care, you should continue your treatment as prescribed.