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Remember those old wives tales our mothers taught us about itchiness? If your hand itches, you’re coming into money; if your nose itches, you’re going to kiss a fool, if the bottom of your foot itches, you’re going to take a trip.

Even though I let go of such teachings as I grew up, I still think about them. So when my ears started itching a couple of weeks ago, I remembered my mother teaching me that itchy ears means someone’s talking about me. Then I had to chuckle. I took that instruction as truth as a kid. But if my mom had instead told me that itchy ears means my Small Intestine Function Energy needs some support, I would have thought she was crazy.

The thing is, itchy ears can, indeed, indicate the Small Intestine Function Energy needs some support. Small Intestine Function Energy is a term we use in the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for a quality of energy that helps us sort through what we have received, assimilating what serves us and letting go of what doesn’t. Of course, that makes perfect sense in digestion, but it also applies to emotions, mindsets, ideas, information, lifestyle choices and what to watch on TV tonight.

Small Intestine Function Energy can be disharmonized by efforting – going at it instead of with it. Putting on a mask and pretending like we’re just fine when we’re really not. And, energy being the cyclic pattern that it is, the very behavior that causes Small Intestine Function Energy to become disharmonized can also be an indicator that it has already become disharmonized.

The pathway that the Small Intestine Function Energy uses to travel through the body includes the shoulders, arms and hands. If you’ve noticed one or both of your shoulders feeling particularly painful; if you have suddenly developed what feels like tendonitis in your elbows, or your little finger becomes stiff and painful, your Small Intestine Function Energy might welcome some tender loving care. The pathway also takes a trip around the face and head, sweeping past our ears, whispering in its own itchy way, “I need some help!” And, if you should happen to be experiencing a cold or allergies beginning in your throat, once again, Small Intestine Function Energy might love some TLC.

How can you help yourself? These simple self-help holds can soothe your itching ear:

  • Hold your little finger – gently, lovingly, for a few minutes. At least until you feel a pulsing sensation in the finger.
  • Tap softly on your breastbone for a few minutes.
  • Place the palms of your hands flat on your upper chest so that the fingertips of each hand meet at the breastbone. Hold for five or 10 minutes.

Small Intestine Function Energy reminds us that it’s always a good time to look at what we’ve been hanging onto that maybe doesn’t serve us well. If you’re a student, Small Intestine Function Energy will be a great support in studying (figuring out what you need to know, letting go of what you don’t). If you’re overworking, putting everyone else’s needs in front of even your most basic needs (No time to eat today! Can’t go to sleep till I get this project done!), you might want to think about supporting your Small Intestine Function Energy.

Small Intestine Function Energy is a little bit tricky to harmonize if you tend to overdo for others. There are some of us who are willing to unburden this energy, but only so we can keep going in our old ways. “I feel great! Now I can keep going even if it kills me!” The point in harmonizing Small Intestine Function Energy is not so we can continue exhausting ourselves trying to please others. It’s to help us remember our own well-being is the key to helping others. If you hear yourself saying “I’m trying to …”, then stop, and help yourself.

For in-depth energy support, you may want to consider coming in for several sessions, especially if you’re ready to release chronic tension. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle, deeply relaxing art of harmonizing the body’s energy system so the body has what it needs to sort out the tangles and heal. Call for an appointment at 360-349-2451 or email me from the Contact page (subject line: JSJ APPOINTMENT REQUEST). My office is happily located in The Marston Center, 677 Woodland Square Loop SE, Rm. A18, Lacey, WA.

… itchiness. Who knew?

NOTE: If you are currently under conventional, naturopathic, chiropractic or any other form of medical care for any physical discomfort, continue to follow your physician’s advice even if you are receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions. Jin Shin Jyutsu beautifully complements and supports other modalities.